FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Roads in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley could refreeze overnight leading to some slick spots Thursday morning..

Bart Ledgerwood with the Washington County Road Department said the department will target the slick spots overnight and Thursday morning.

“The plan for tonight is we’ve hit all the primary and secondary roads so we’re hitting the rural areas now and we will deploy the ice slicer on the roads that still have residual ice and snow left on them,” Ledgerwood said.

The melted snow on the side of the roads could run into the roadways causing some ice patches.

“Any of the drainage you see off the roads that would be the main concern to look for because you’re going to see some black ice this evening,” Ledgerwood said.

In Benton County, communications director Melody Kwok said the paved roads are passable, but the county is expecting some trouble spots overnight.

“On our intersections, our bridges those areas are going to have some icy patches tonight so please be safe, black ice is very, very hard to see at night,” Kwok said.

Dave Parker with ARDOT said state roads are looking clear and crews will be on the lookout for trouble areas.

“We’ll have patrols out looking for those really serious patches of ice on the bridges, and overpasses, and put down sand and salt and take care of it,” Parker said.