Snapchat is popular among both kids and adults but a recent update has law enforcement concerned. Snapchat rolled out their update called “Snap maps” yesterday. 

The update lets you see the exact location of your friends as well as the exact location of other snappers around you.

Snapchat is promoting this new update as a “new way to explore the world.”

But is it also a new way for people to explore your personal life?

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office spends a lot of time searching for child predators on Apps like Snapchat. 

Detective Undiano is concerned for the safety of kids. “Obviously children could be affected by this and it’s highly likely there will be stories of that happening.”

He also worries about people who are in domestic violence situations. “Additionally there’s a whole different demographic that will be affected by this and that’s adults that could be potentially victimized by this. ”  

Jenny Sorey is the founder of Hub of HOPE. She works to bring awareness to child trafficking on social media. 

The biggest concern with Snapchat is your kids can activate location sharing called “ghost mode”. If it’s on their friends can see exactly where they are  down to the building they’re in and exactly where they are in that building. 

Sorey said, “Tying a location service to an app that is utilized by the younger generation you’re just opening up great opportunities for predators to seek out our children.”

With “ghost mode” off you can keep your privacy and location to yourself.  

Sorey said even though that option is available you should still have a conversation with your kids. “I have those apps on my own phone just so that I can have a good understanding about what kids are doing these days.”

If you or you’re kids do have snapshot and want to turn “ghost mode” on or off open the Snap map and go to your settings.