Leaders in South Korea are preparing for hundreds of thousands of people who don’t speak their language to head to PyeongChang.

Genie Talk is an app that provides instant language translation. It’s a free service that can be used any time. An estimated 80 million people in the world speak Korean. To compare, almost a billion can communicate in English. Olympic organizers say more than two million people have already downloaded Genie Talk.

That’s not the only tech coming to the winter games. Some Olympic athletes will be fitted with small devices that will track their movements during competition. Spectators will be able to follow along on their own devices to watch the games from an athlete’s perspective. Some of the events will be filmed by a 360-degree virtual reality camera and broadcast to VR studios for people to watch.

The Olympics organizing committee has been promoting the Winter Games with a huge water slide. It was more than 900 feet long. Thousands of people came to check it out last weekend.

The games return to South Korea next year for the first time since the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.