ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Cars are underwater at McCausland and Odell in the Ellendale neighborhood of south St. Louis. A man living in the area tells FOX 2 that he heard water rushing into their homes at around 4:30 am. The basement filled up and then the water started to rise on the first floor.

Andrew Schafer was doing the best he could to get his three children, dogs, and his wife out.

“I woke up to my basement just inundated with water. The water came all the way from the basement to the first floor. I was getting my kids out of the house and had put them on a door and swam them to where that SUV is over to here,” said Schafer.

The fire department reports that 18 homes in the area are suffering from extensive flooding. Six people and six dogs were rescued. Some people decided to shelter in place. Most of the people living there are starting to make their way out of their homes now.