Spike in Vasectomies Around March Madness


Every March, away from the basketball court, a different kind of madness begins. It’s hip to get snipped, providing local urologists’ one shining moment.

Brackets aren’t the only things being busted this week. When families no longer want to have kids, vasectomies are a popular, effective option. If you’re going to experience the pain, you may as well get some pleasure and enjoy one of the best sports tournaments of the year. 

Chad Brekelbaum, Urologist, Northwest Arkansas Urology Associates, “Often it will be the Thursday or Friday before basketball starts and we will see people wanting the vasectomies later in March Madness.”

Doctor Brekelbaum says basketball is good motivation for some men to get the surgery. In addition, he says while men enjoy the time off, it’s not usually their idea.

“Most men that see me say my wife told me to come in. So i imagine most women are more complicit with it during march madness. As a guy i think people are bartering with their wives. They are saying hey i will get the vasectomy and then don’t give me a hard time about watching all this basketball,”said Brekelbaum. 

Vasectomies are one of the most common surgeries for men because of how safe and low risk it is. The recovery time, on average, is two to four days. But Brekelbaum says some men milk it more than others and he recommends two weeks of recovery this time of year. 

“I’ll have five to six on Fridays during march madness you will see that uptick 30 or 40 percent. I had 10 on one Friday and then 10 on another Friday. So 20 within a week and that was more than usual,” said Brekelbaum. 

Brekelbaum says it makes sense to have the surgery this time of year. 

“You’re gonna do it anyway and you have this excuse to watch guilf-free basketball…Why not,” asked Brekelbaum. 

The wild and wonderfully weird world of sports. Brekelbaum said the two busiest times of the year to get vasectomies are mid-March and right before Christmas. 

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