SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — On Christmas day the Springdale Animal Shelter was left without water or electricity from water pipes bursting leaving close to 60 dogs at risk during the cold temperatures.

The Director of Springdale Animal Shelter spent the night at the shelter eating Easy Mac and sleeping on a dog bed before nearby Northwest Arkansas animal shelters stepped up to rescue the at-risk dogs.

“Best Friends Animal Society, which is providing transport vehicles; Taysia Blue Rescue, which took in eight of the most vulnerable dogs last night; Big Paws of the Ozarks, which has also taken in eight dogs; the Humane Society Inc. of Rogers has taken six; and the Centerton Animal Shelter has taken three,” said Linda DeBarry in an email.

Several families around the region were able to house some of the dogs temporarily, the email states that local veterinary offices have also taken some dogs under their care.

“It’s been pretty incredible,” Director Courtney Kremer said. “Our staff’s been really overwhelmed these last couple days, but they’ve been doing great and they’ve been rolling with the punches and they’re amazing and I’m so glad to have them.”

The City of Springdale had to shut-off the utilities because a the pipe that blew was for a fire suppression system.

“We’re really thankful for these rescue groups and foster that have shown up to take some of these dogs,” said Kremer.