SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Firefighters across Arkansas are practicing preventive measures for Fire Safety Week, but the Springdale Fire Department is changing the week into a month.

Justin Pinkley is the captain of the Springdale Fire Department.

“I’ll see over 5,000 kids in the next couple of weeks between the first and fifth grade,” said Pinkley.

He says to educate 16 elementary and middle schools across the district, it would take a month.

“Every kid needs that opportunity to hear that safety message that we’re trying to get out,” said Pinkley.

Pinkley and other firefighters take on different schools teaching how to prevent fires. They do this through assemblies and a fire safety house. He says the goal is to bring safety lessons from the classrooms into the homes.

“And that’s what we’re trying to get out because any way we can get a safety message out to the public, we’re hoping it trickles down to other people and they share that message,” said Pinkley.

That’s why he encourages families to practice escape plans and to add carbon monoxide detectors in homes.

“You will never know because it is odorless. You cannot taste it. You cannot see it unless you have a working carbon monoxide alarm. You’re not going to know,” said Pinkley.

He’s not the only one. Will Gilbrech is the co-owner of Franklin Heating & Air in Springdale. He says this is the time when customers start cranking up the heat.

“This is when we start to get a bunch of people calling for maintenance and for tune-ups. Because they’re getting ready to turn it on to heat,” said Gilbech.

He says this is also when people start using heat appliances like gas ovens and furnaces. That’s why he also encourages people to get their heaters tuned up and to invest in a carbon monoxide detector.