Springdale Man Uses his Retirement Years to Impact Students


Reading, math and some sweet treats are just a few things Watchdog volunteer Bob Moore brings to classrooms at John Tyson Elementary.

“I haven’t slowed down at all,” Moore said.

Moore has been walking the halls of John Tyson Elementary in Springdale for more than 6 years now.

“The first year I thought, ‘Well, I’m getting 75 and so I’m not going to do it.’ Then came 76,77,78,79, well I’m still here,” Moore said. 

For many students, he’s just a pal, but for teachers, he keeps things sharp around the school. 

“I’m known as the Pencil Man here. I sharpen the pencils three times a day for 10 classrooms. That seems minor, but if you’re a teacher that’s not minor,” Moore said. 

That little added extra measure of having Mr. Moore walk through the halls does provide an additional sense of security,” said teacher Jennifer Boggard.

Moore helps children learn to read while providing a sense of protection. 

“A person walking down these halls back and forth is a security thing too for the school district,” Moore said.

Moore leads as an example for all ages, not just school children. 

“He has inspired all of us if we are 18 or 80 we can go out in our community and making a difference,” Boggard said. 

It’s a difference that Moore believes helps him keep a pep in his step on a daily basis.

“You want to keep moving and working with these children keeps you younger. You’ll feel younger and be energized just by being around,” Moore said.

 After being a mentor to kids every day, Moore has one piece of advice for parents. 

“Read with your children every single day. It’s such a pleasure because when children learn you can see a light in their eyes,” Moore said.

Moore will turn 80 years old on Tuesday, January 29, and said he doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

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