SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Dancing Vicki, known by many Springdale residents as “DV”, has been dancing around Springdale since the pandemic started. This year, to spread extra cheer over the holiday season, she decided to dress up as an elf.

DV said she started dancing on the public streets of Springdale during the COVID-19 pandemic. She picks a spot, puts in her headphones and dances. According to Jill Dabbs with the Downtown Springdale Alliance, this had made DV very well-known in the community.

“Everybody loves DV. Everybody loves her. She is becoming very well-known in downtown, and she really brings joy to a lot of people,” said Dabbs.

DV said she entered a very dark period in her life after losing three family members very close together.

“It got darker, and I was sort of betrayed. So, I just had a really difficult time and kind of fell apart. I decided that if I was going to survive, I was going to have to do something,” said DV.

So, DV did do something. She started to dance. At first in private, but then, she decided she wanted to share the joy she found through her creative outlet with other people.

“I decided that perhaps there’s somebody out and about that needs a smile or they’re having a bad day- or maybe they’ve had a good day, and an extra smile never hurt anybody,” said DV.

It took a lot of courage to start dancing out in the open, but she loves being able to bring joy to other people. She said a lot of people have come up to her to tell her how much joy they felt after seeing her dancing.

This year, to spread a little extra Christmas spirit, DV dressed up as an elf. She appeared at some of Springdale’s favorite places and events, such as Casa Alejo and the Springdale Christmas Parade.

DV was also actively included on the Downtown Springdale Alliance’s Facebook page this holiday season. She showed up in random locations of the city, getting down to some standard elf hijinks.

Dabbs said DV has been very involved in the community, volunteering at big events.

“We’ve all become great friends with her. She’s an incredible example of what community can do for someone and how we can all give back to the community,” said Dabbs.

She also said DV is an inspiration to many.

“There are so many people that struggle with mental health issues and don’t talk about them and don’t talk about their journey. I think she’s a beacon to others that are having similar struggles,” said Dabbs.

DV reflected back on how far she’s come since some of her hardest days.

“When you don’t want to be here anymore, and you end up dancing on the street to try to bring joy to others, you’ve come a long way,” said DV.

DV doesn’t plan on stopping dancing anytime soon.

“The sun has come back out, the clouds have parted, and I shall continue to do what I do until I can’t,” said DV.