SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Springdale Water Utilities is advising residents to be aware of someone impersonating its employees.

Executive director Heath Ward says their department has received reports from customers about someone affiliating themselves with the department and asking to enter customer homes and test their water.

“Telephone calls from residents wondering if we were actually going out and trying to get into their homes and test their water; all of this is false. It’s a scam, and we’re advising people don’t let these people into your home,” Ward said.

Ward says scams like this do occur often, but they usually don’t carry on for this long. He says on average the department is receiving about two to three calls a day pertaining to these incidents.

“Trying to get into someone’s home under false pretenses could lead to a variety of other crimes, not just a scam, so please be aware of who you’re letting into your home at all times,” Ward said.

Sgt. Matt Ray with the Springdale Police Department says police reports have been filed from Northwest Arkansas residents that have experienced these scams.

“If you can try to get a description of the person or description of their car, make sure that you’re in a safe location to do that,” Ray said.

Ray says if you even hesitate just a little about letting a person ask to come inside your home to check your water, then it’s best to keep them outside and wait for the authorities to come.

“We don’t know the intent of these people or what their intentions are of trying to collect water,” Ray said.

Ward says Springdale Water Utility employees will always have some form of identification on them associating themselves with the department.

“They will have an ID badge with a phone number where you can verify them if someone comes to your door like this. Please don’t let them in your home and call the police,” Ward said.

Ray says to call the department’s nonemergency number at (479) 751-4542 with information regarding the case.