Woman Searches For Missing Sister in a 12-Year-Old Cold Case

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA) – April Andrews has been missing for 12 years now and her sister, Tonya Washburn, is still hoping for closure.

Rifling through pictures from the past, Washburn sorts through memories of both joy and pain.

"I have a little hope that maybe, one day, we'll have closure," Washburn said.

There's one photo in particular which hurts most.

"I want to find her. If she's gone, I want to lay her to rest. If she's not, I want to bring her home!" Washburn said.

Back in 2006, Washburn's half-sister, April Andrews, went missing at 15-years-old and it's a case that has stumped investigators.

"There had to been something or someone that done something to her or convinced her that they were gong to do something or her for her to go. There's no way that April would have just left like that," Washburn said.

Lt. Bret Hagan isn't in charge of Andrews' case, but he leads his team in Washington County whenever a person goes missing.

"It's a multi-agency and a multi-collaborative effort," Hagan said.

Hagan says there are two missing persons cases in Washington County.

That's only a fraction of the 500 active cases in the entire state, many which law enforcement have simply run out of options.

"It does not mean the case file hits the shelf and gets stored away. What that means is that we get a fresh set of eyes on it," Hagan said.

While police keep working, Washburn will continue staring into a photograph of a missing girl, who for now, can only stare right back.

"If she's not alive, I want to think she's with my dad. If she is alive, i just want to know that she's ok," Washburn said.

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