Ann Seig suffered from Dry Eyes for years before having IPL Laser treatment at Vold Vision.

Her Ophthalmologist Dr. Laura Voicu of Vold Vision says, “Ann is an example of someone who is a really good candidate for IPL or Intense Pulse Light treatment for Dry Eyes. She came in and her eyes were very dry, she had a lack of tears, but she also had very red irritated inflamed eyes.”

Ann says, “my eyes were really red. I mean, I felt like I was handicapped. Literally handicapped. What was I going to do? So my eyes were red, they were dry, they burned, they itched, it was everything, and I didn’t quite know what was going on. I just needed to get things calmed down because by evening my eyes would be just searing burning. It just became really intolerable.”

Ann’s condition is a common one called Ocular Roseacia. Dr. Voicu says,  “the symptoms are the eyelids are very inflamed, and this inflammation is causing poor quality of tears. No matter how many tears you have, the quality of the tears is not good and so the eyes constantly feel watery, but they also feel dry. This is the ideal candidate for IPL.”

Ann says it has made a huge change in her life. “I am just so grateful… because it really helped me feel like I was free again.”

If you have dry eyes and think IPL might be an option for you, contact Vold Vision.

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