WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The state has filed a response after a defendant in a sexual assault case asked the court to allow him to travel internationally next month.

Dr. Adam Maass, 51, an endocrinologist from Cave Springs, was arrested in both Washington and Benton counties after multiple patients came forward and levied sexual assault allegations against him. His Washington County jury trial is set to begin on May 15.

On February 1, he filed a motion in Washington County circuit court seeking to modify the terms of his pretrial release. Maass’ filing said that the defendant’s adult daughter and her husband are moving to Munich, Germany in March and Maass asked for permission to travel there for one week at that time, from March 9-16.

On February 21, the state filed a response in opposition to that motion. That document contained 10 bullet points supporting the prosecution’s request to deny Maass’ motion.

It noted that the defendant is charged with five counts of sexual assault across two counties, that surrendering his passport was a condition of his pretrial release and that he is facing from 25 to 100 years in prison.

“Defendant’s daughter and son-in-law are both adults,” the filing added. “Defendant has failed to state a compelling reason why he must accompany them as they move to Munich, Germany. He simply desires to go.”

It added that the defendant’s assertion that “there is not much difference going to Germany than there is going to Denver, New York, Miami or Los Angeles” is “objectively false.” The final bullet point addressed another concern voiced by the prosecution.

“Given Defendant’s exposure, the number of victims spanning decades, no compelling need for visiting Germany, and the actual relocation of his family to Germany, the State has concerns about whether Defendant has any intention of returning to the United States if allowed to go.”

State’s response to defendant’s motion to allow travel, State of Arkansas vs. Adam Maass, Feb. 21

The response was signed and submitted by deputy prosecuting attorney Courtney Cassidy in Washington County circuit court.

Maass also filed a nearly identical motion in Benton County circuit court, making the same request. There has been no ruling or response to that motion yet.