State Rep. John Walker rejects the city’s apology after the was arrested and charged with Obstruction of Governmental operations Monday.
According to officers at the scene of a traffic stop, he interrupted their work as they arrested two men with outstanding warrants.
Walker wrote the following in response to the city’s apology:
“I cannot in good conscience accept your apology for the unlawful actions of the arresting officers yesterday by the Arkansas Arts Center. I also cannot accept the disparate treatment of my colleague Mr. Omavi Shukur. I appreciate your effort to address the matter by providing further training to your officers. However, you must also recognize the issue of racial bias that is pervasive in some quarters of the police department. It happens that the two officers who arrested us yesterday are white. The black officers did not speak to us and appeared to be taking orders. I understand that this may [sic] due to seniority but it still has a grave negative impact on the Little Rock black community’s relationship with the LRPD, of which our arrest is but one example.”