SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) — If you’re a fan of the classics, or you just really like binge-worthy TV, you’ve likely invested at least some amount of time in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Season two of the show Netflix calls it’s love letter to the 80s was released on the streaming service just before Halloween. 

But while lots of people devoured all nine episodes that weekend, Orthodontist Wes Allai was busy watching a different series. 

“Well I was watching the world series,” Allai laughs.

Well, that is until he got a Facebook message from a former patient.

“She was watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and the shirt I gave her 25 years ago was on Dustin,” he says. 

In a photo sent to KOLR10 by Netflix, Dustin, one of the main characters in the show, can be seen wearing a bright yellow shirt, reading “Brace Yourself for the Future”. 

It’s the same shirt Allai says he designed in 1982 when he first started in orthodontics.

“We don’t know how it made it to L.A. But it made it,” he says. 

He says every orthodontic patient he’s had in 35 years has left with one.

When asked how many people have told him about the shirt, the doctor said, “probably 2-300. Something like that in about a week.”

And now the man who’s passed out these tees for years is looking to get his hands on one of his own.

“I’d like to meet him or talk to him,” Allai says. “I’d really like to get a signed tee shirt from him. That’d be really great.”