Students Cope With Adia Smith’s Death After Collapsing at Basketball Practice

It has been a tough week at Lakeside Junior High in Springdale, after 8th grade student Adia Smith collapsed during basketball practice Wednesday morning, she later died at the hospital.
The school is taking action to help Adia’s fellow students cope with the loss.
“It’s a hard experience anytime that you lose a student in school, it’s even harder when the event happens on our campus,” Principal Michael Shepherd said.
The 8th grader collapsed during basketball practice Tuesday, and Coach Daren Ward used a defibrillator to keep Adia alive until help arrived, but she was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
“[She was a] great teammate, bubbly personality, one of those kids that was just so sweet to be around and you could just tell that her positivity, her attitude is infectious to our team,” Coach Ward said.
The cause of Adia’s death is still unknown, which has left students trying to cope.
Principal Shepherd said more guidance counselors were brought in after the news of Adia’s death, and coping training was given to teachers at the school.
The school designated spots like the library for anyone to see a counselor, and they then had students make posters and hearts in Adia’s memory.
“Any age dealing with a sudden death is very very hard when you’re 13, 14, 15 years old it’s probably something they’ve never experienced before, and so I really commend our counseling staff for giving our kids a way to process what it was they were going through,” Principal Shepherd said.
The Lakeside Junior High Girls Basketball Team plans to honor Adia at their next home game.
Click link here to donate to Adia’s GoFundMe page.

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