LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A recent study shows that the Arkansas arts and culture industry has made a significant economic impact on the state.

The study by CACHE, the Arkansas Arts Council and the Arkansans for the Arts, show the nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $306.4 million in economic activity for 2022. The total generated represents $202.1 million in spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and $104.4 million in event-related spending by audiences.

The report shows Northwest Arkansas contributed $232.7 million.

The audience spending figure supported 4,800 jobs while providing $49,377,951 in local, state and government revenue. A typical audience member spends $31.57 at an event, not including admission, and 4.9% of them come from outside Arkansas, according to study authors.

The study also shows strong support for arts and culture activities as a source of neighborhood pride.

The Arkansas figures were generated as part of a national study called the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 by Americans for the Arts. That study found the national impact represented a $151.7 billion industry supporting 2.6 million jobs with $29.1 billion in government revenue.

Speaking about the positive trajectory of the art industry in Arkansas, Brittany Johnson, the Director of CACHE, highlighted the sustained upward trend in revenue generation.

Johnson emphasized the pivotal role played by the art sector in bolstering the economic vitality of the region. “We know thanks to this study that in Northwest Arkansas that the money you are spending to attend arts and culture activities in 2022 supporterd 3,434 jobs which was an additional $136 million in personal income for people that live and work in this community,” Johnson said.

The full report with a map of the 373 study regions and a two-page economic impact summary for each may be found at