Summer Time Temps Can Be Dangerous

Northwest Arkansas seeing dangerously hot conditions. The scorching temperatures can be life threatening. 
The summer heat has arrived and with it the risk of heat related illness increases. Doctors at Washington Regional said they’ve already seen a few cases this year.
So whether you work outside or are just enjoying the season it’s important to keep your health in mind.
Ethan Passamore delivers sandwiches freaky fast in Fayetteville.
 “I’ll probably do like 15-20 miles a day,” Bike Delivery Man Ethan Passamore said. 
And when the mid-summer temperatures are scorching he finds any way he can to keep cool.
 “Keep a breeze going,” Passamore said. “That’s why the hills are amazing, going up hill’s a different story though.” 
But Passamore doesn’t let the heat burn his humor.
 “Why are pediatricians so angry? Because they have little patients, he said.” 
Doctors though said the hot summer months are no laughing matter.
Nick Gentry is a doctor in the Washington Regional Emergency Room. He said temperatures don’t have to be as hot as you might think to be dangerous for your health.
 “85 to 90 degrees your very susceptible to heat related illness especially around here and other places where the humidity levels are very high,” Nick Gentry, M.D., Washington Regional ER said. 
And Doctor Gentry said heat-related illnesses can set in in less than an hour; especially for people who work outdoors, like Passamore, so it’s important to listen to your body.
 “Feel like you’re very very hot and tired, but you notice that you’re not sweating, that’s a sign that you really need to get inside quick,” Dr. Gentry said.
Other signs you may be suffering from a heat related illness include:
excessive fatigue
blurry vision
muscle aches/cramps
muscle weakness
heart palpitations
shortness of breath
loss of consciousness
“Remember yourself and supervisors and managers push your employees to get out of the heat, drink lots and lots of water, take breaks when they can,”  Dr. Gentry said.
And Passamore said he follows Doctor Gentry’s hydration orders.
“I fill my 3-liter at least twice a day. That’s an easy 6 liters,”  Passamore said.
And Passamore said even though it’s freaking hot out, delivering sandwiches freaky fast is still freaky fun.
 “They’re hungry so I gotta get them their sandwiches, right?” Passamore said.
Doctor Gentry tells us the elderly are especially sensitive to these high temperatures, and some medications may increase their risk of over heating.
Also, as the kids are headed back to school, and football two-a-days are set to start here in a few weeks, stressing hydration to the kiddos now, could save them on the field.

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