Supreme Court Rules for Online Sales Tax

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark ( KNWA) - A decision coming down from the U.S. Supreme Court today says states now have the right to charge state sales tax for online purchases.
Previously out of state businesses had to have a physical presence in a state to charge sales tax online.

Today the SCOTUS said each state can now make that decision. States can  now pass laws requiring sellers without a physical presence  to collect the online sales tax from customers and send it to the state. 
More than a dozen states have already adopted laws like this ahead of today's supreme court decision. 

Rep. Charlie collins of district 94 said this is a win for Arkansas. 
"That will help ensure that if grandma buys her goods at the local sears and grandson buys his goods on the internet...Both of them will be paying the same tax that has been passed by the arkansas legislator and this will help ensure fairness," Collins said. 

We reached out to Walmart who declined to go on camera but released this statement in part saying: 

"We applaud the Supreme Court for closing a loophole that has existed for over two decades and produced an uneven playing field for main street businesses. Local communities are also the winners because they will now be able to collect sales tax dollars owed and needed to fund public services, including education, public safety and infrastructure improvements. We look forward to continuing to work with Congress and state legislatures to help ensure a level playing field exists for all retailers, " said Randy Hargrove, Senior Director, National Media Relations at Walmart.

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