ELKINS, Ark. (KNWA/ KFTA)— Goats are simply fun-loving charming animals who contribute greatly to Arkansas’ agriculture. Goat milk is often used to make several products.

KNWA’s Tavares Jones geared up for an interesting adventure at White River Creamery Artisan Cheese & Dairy Farm in Elkins to learn about the job of dairy goat farming. The farm and micro-dairy is home to over 100 Nigerian Dwarf goats whose milk is transformed into fresh cheeses and hand made soaps.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats have the highest butterfat of any dairy goat which gives us a rich and creamy milk and makes amazing cheeses. You can find White River Creamery’s products at several stores and farmer’s markets across the region. If you have a job idea for Tavares to try, email him at tjones@knwa.com.