His name was called on the national stage, and now Barrett Baber is a Top 12 finalist on NBC’s The Voice.

“It’s continual dreams coming true here at The Voice in Los Angeles. And it’s got a lot to do with the people back home really getting behind me and really making this a big thing because now we’ve gone from being a local guy, a local talent to being on the national scene. I’m still going to need every ounce of support I can get from the people back home in Arkansas. But I’m also super excited to start sharing what I’ve been doing for a long time back home with the rest of the people in this great country and I think they’re going to respond well. They have so far, and I have something special for them coming up this week,” Baber said.

He’ll be singing again during the live show on Monday, November 16. That will be your next chance to vote for Barrett Baber!