The judges only had amazing things to say about Barrett Baber and his live performance Tuesday night. Now it is time for you to vote. There are four ways you can do it. Download his song on iTunes, get The Voice app, search NBC The Voice on Facebook or go to

Barrett says this journey so far has been absolutely incredible. He credits a lot of that to his coach Blake Shelton, and Blake says Barrett is a guy to watch.

“Blake Shelton is an incredible person to work with. It’s been a great experience learning a ton from a guy who’s really at the pinnacle of success in the industry I’m trying to be in. So, it’s been an amazing experience and one that I’ll cherish forever. Looking forward to the people of Arkansas getting behind me, putting me on through, so I can continue that experience and continue to learn as much as I can from Blake,” said Baber.

“We all have those one or two people on our teams that we have high hopes for, but I think Barrett is not just high hopes. I think he’s kind of a, he’s a no brainer to go deep into this competition. You know, he’s not somebody that I see you know, making mistakes or having a bad night. He can’t, it’s like it’s impossible for him to have a bad night,” said Shelton.

Blake said it and Barrett proved him right. He really just cannot have a bad night, and now we wait and see if he makes it into the Top 12 Wednesday night!