Barrett Baber captivated the audience with his rendition of “I Drive Your Truck.” Whether he makes it to the Top 12 is now in the hands of voters, but he says he is feeling the love all the way from California.

“The amount of support that I’ve felt over the years of being a musician in Arkansas, and really in the last six weeks or so has been incredible. And I appreciate that and I want people to view this as something that we’re doing together and not necessarily something I’m doing by myself. And I certainly will need your help, and I know that they’re going to come through.”

There is also a huge weight lifted off Baber’s shoulders, knowing he nailed his live performance.

“There’s an amazing sense of relief that takes place after a performance because, you know, you’ve worked really hard, you’ve prepared, you get up there and you sing. Especially if you deliver a great performance and you say hey, I couldn’t have done anything more. It’s an extra level of sort of anticipation being on the second night of the live shows because we got to watch it last night, watch it all happen and then spend another night at the hotel thinking about how we’re going to do. So, after rehearsal day especially, it’s just like hey, let’s get it on. Let’s do this.”

And that is exactly the mentality he took to the stage Tuesday night. We will find out if he makes it to the Top 12 Wednesday!