Texarkana officers save motorist on their way to graduation


TEXARKANA, Ark – Two Texarkana, Arkansas police officers are being praised by their department and the public for saving a woman in Ouachita County.

Friday morning, Richard Conkleton and Dylan McCrary were driving to Ouachita County, Arkansas. They were about to graduate from the police academy.  

“It was raining really hard,” McCrary said.

On the way, something caught Conkleton’s eye.

“We observed a car stuck nose first in a culvert.  About half the car was actually in the water, the other half was on top of a hill and so it was barely visible at that time,” he said.  

The two turned around and McCrary hopped out.  

He said, “(I) ran across the road into the creek and there was a woman sitting in the passenger seat and all of her windows were rolled up.”

Her car had hydroplaned.  She was trapped inside.  

“In front of that driver’s side door there was a big mound of mud there, is why she couldn’t push it open at the time.  The other side was flowing water against the other door so she couldn’t open that one, so he was able to pull the door open,” Conkleton said. 

The woman, a wife and mother of two, was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.  

“If nobody would’ve seen her the way the water was rising, she could’ve drowned,” Conkleton said.

Both officers eventually left the scene and continued on to their graduation ceremony.  

McCrary said, “I was drenched.  Everything was soaking wet.”

They did get their clothes dried out, though McCrary accepted his diploma wearing a pair of borrowed boots.  Both said they’re just happy they could be of service.  

McCrary said, “I think that we were lucky we got put in the right place at the right time.”  Conkleton added, “I think God sent us on a task and we completed it.”

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