CENTERTON, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The medical world could change as we know it, as a new web app enters the medical world where we could possibly no longer need paper documents.

The Mejo app was created in Northwest Arkansas by a Centerton couple who have dealt with the struggles of keeping up with medical records.

The inspiration behind the app was from their son Reynolds; Reynold was diagnosed with an ultra-rare genetic mutation called Costello.

“He has a lot of doctors, therapy sessions, and people in his life that take care of him and one of the things we found is there wasn’t a tool to help streamline all that information,” -said, Sheedy.

The app was designed to be an accessible tool for parents, educators, and caregivers to use to properly take care of a child with disability or any type of medical issue.

Ryan and Ashley Sheedy created an app to move their son Reynolds’ medical records online, where they were easier to keep track of.

According to Sheedy, his main goal is to create a caring and organized space for parents to be able to place their child’s medical records in a safe place.