Four hikers have been deemed missing within the Ozark National Forest in less than a week – causing some concern for search and rescue teams. 

Luckily, all of those hikers eventually found safe but people seem to go missing in the same location so first responders are working to stay prepared. 

Deep in the Ozark National Forest – there’s a place with zero cell service and only a few ways out.

A 13.4 mile loop draws many people from all over the Natural State for the hiking and the views. 

But one wrong turn can be deadly – with some calling it the Bermuda Triangle of Arkansas. 

“It’s so steep and difficult and treacherous,” Deputy Coordinator of the Franklin County Search and Rescue Team David Sutter said. 

Tourists falling off the grid isn’t new to Deputy Coordinator of the Franklin County Search and Rescue Team – David Sutter. 

“They over estimate their abilities, they don’t bring enough equipment,” Sutter said. “They aren’t physically fit enough for this terrain.” 

Sutter and his team are constantly sent to train in dangerous areas to pre-plan if the worst happens. 

“We can bring them fresh underwear, socks, and shorts,” Sutter said. 

Sutter works alongside Fred Mullen.

Mullen says packing simple items such as a map, rain gear, and a flashlight could save a person’s life. 

“Just be prepared to spend a few extra hours here or even an overnight stay,” Franklin County Emergency Management Coordinator Fred Mullen said. 

But losing your way is a problem Mullen and Sutter continue to keep an eye on. 

“This is a huge part of our lives here,” Sutter said.