FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (Fox 24) — As the holiday season approaches, local law enforcement wants to help you protect your gifts and your home. Here’s some tips to keep you safe this season in this week’s Police Rapport. 

Every year, the leaves turn color. But what’s also changing is the way criminals conduct their business. 

Alex Caprariello: “What is it that you are noticing as a law enforcement officer when it comes to the holiday season?” 

Sgt. Gene Page: “Each year, we are getting more and more people shopping online, more deliveries coming from homes and we are also seeing more thefts of those packages.”  

These thieves, known as porch pirates, will brazenly come right up to your door, sometimes in the middle of the day, and snatch your holiday gifts. 

Sgt. Gene Page: “Convenience is the key but it’s also what’s causing all the problems. While we are at work, packages are getting delivered and the thieves know that as well, so that’s when they are doing their own form of shopping.”  

Sgt. Gene Page suggests installing some sort of surveillance system. He says these videos help them catch crooks. 

Alex Caprariello: “So is this one of those security cameras that would capture those thieves perfectly?” 

Sgt. Gene Page: “Yes, it’s in the perfect location. Not too high, not too low depending on how wide your view is. This is where most of your packages would be delivered and when they walk in, you get a shot of their face, body, clothing, anything like that before they walk out.”  

While you may want to make your home look bright and beautiful, it’s important not to draw too much attention to the expensive goodies you may have inside. 

Sgt. Gene Page: “Think of those lights, that’s going to bring thieves as well. They are going to see it from the street, look down and see those packages and now they know there is something inside that is worth me going after.” 

And if you’re heading out of town, take the proper steps to secure your home. 

Alex Caprariello: “Holiday season, lots of people are going out of town to visit family, so what’s important for securing your home, especially for those thinking about breaking in through the garage?” 

Sgt. Gene Page: “This is easy access to your house, it’s very thin metal, so one thing you can do is to kill the power to this.”  

Sergeant Page doesn’t blame all you online shoppers. He just says to consider having it shipped to work instead of home. That way you can take your holiday gifts home safely for your family to enjoy.