NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA) — Investigations into firearm theft often reveal the weapons weren’t properly stored.  In this week’s “Police Rapport,” Alex Caprariello looks into what options gun owners have to safely secure their firearms. 

Bentonville police sergeant, Gene Page and I hit the stores to lay out options for families who keep guns at home. 

Alex Caprariello:  “What is it about gun storage that you want parents to know?” 
Sgt. Gene Page: “It’s all across Northwest Arkansas, most of our homes have some sort of firearm. We want to make sure that we are being responsible with gun ownership, not only just safety for yourself, but also keeping it out of the hands of children and criminals.”  

Sergeant Page says it’s not enough to trust your family knows how to properly lock and load. 

Sgt. Gene Page: “I hear a lot of people say, well, my child knows how to handle a firearm. Well they may, and they may be very respectable. But they have friends, they have cousins and people that visit, and we have to make sure that they are secured and completely out of their hands.”  

We looked into several gun safes available for purchase. They vary in size, with different locks and safety mechanisms to choose from. 

Alex Caprariello: “So I’m noticing price ranges in the hundreds, does that seem reasonable?”  
Sgt. Gene Page: “When you look at the average price of a handgun, it’s maybe $600 to $800. Why would you want to spend that much money on an investment and not properly secure it?” 

If the safes are out of your price range, there’s other options, too. 

Alex Caprariello: “So lets look at some of these gun cabinets over here. What are you noticing right off the bat?” 
Sgt. Gene Page: “This is what is called a true cabinet, not a true safe. This is going to be a much thinner door, much thinner metal and if we look at the locking mechanism, it’s not as safe as that bolt system we saw earlier.”  

At the very least, Sergeant Page says there’s a final option for gun owners: A cable lock.

 Sgt. Gene Page: “It’s not an anti-theft device but it is used to keep the weapon from being used against you or from a child getting to it. It keeps the weapon from being usable. And it won’t allow it to lock. It will keep the weapon from firing.”  

Just about every store will have a cable lock, retailing for about $20. 

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