ROGERS, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA)– A new year bringing in new laws, as we enter 2023 with alcohol now being sold on Sundays in Rogers and Bentonville.

It all started with one local campaign that urged people to vote in the November election for the Sunday sale of alcohol in Rogers and Bentonville.

People in both communities overwhelmingly supported the measure with at least 70% voting in favor.

Frank Jameson is General Manager at Spiritueux Wines and Liquors in Rogers and says he is happy to be serving the community seven days a week.

“Sundays means that those people that we’ve been building that relationship with are now going to be able to come here when they need something and not have to travel somewhere else,” Jameson said.

Jameson says he advocated for this change for a while because he just wanted to invest back into their own community.

“Being a local store is being part of the community that you’re in, so I never really wanted my Rogers customers to leave the area, to go somewhere else to buy products because that’s part of our service to them,” Jameson said.

Jameson says things are slow and steady right now, but expects overtime for business to pick up.

“It would probably be on the low end of an increase of 10 to 15 percent, which is still a very good number, it’s not like one of the busiest days of the week type of thing,” Jameson said.

Not only does it increase business revenue for Jameson but for other local restaurants nearby as well.

“It’s actually better for us because more people will come in and see that we’re open too so, you know liquor store and then the restaurant,” Paola Vargas said.

Paola Vargas is a bartender right next door at Angus Grill and Cantina and says having the liquor store next door will bring more attention to this area.

“We do our thing and people come for the vibe and everything, you guys should come and come in and have a drink,” Vargas said.

Jameson and Vargas want to both spread the word that you can now buy alcohol in Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale.

Leaving the city of Fayetteville as the only major city left in Northwest Arkansas that does not sell alcohol on Sundays.