FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) – Prepare your minds, cars, and feet to possibly be walking far to find a parking spot because the University of Arkansas will be hosting multiple events this weekend.

“It’s a big weekend not only for sports but also for commencement and graduation across our area,” John Thomas said.

John Thomas with the University of Arkansas says there will be an influx of people coming in this weekend and it will bring everyone’s favorite word traffic.

“We encourage anyone that is coming to actually look at those maps and kind of plan out where they’re going to park, how far they might have to walk and take into account the weather as well,” Thomas said.

Along with the maps, there will be help waiting for you on the streets of Fayetteville by the University of Arkansas Police Department ensuring pedestrian safety and direction.

“We’re looking at making sure that the cars have access to the roads that they need, making sure that the pedestrians are crossing safety and that there are no issues with traffic,” Captain Matt Mills said.

Captain Matt Mills with the UAPD says people traveling in cars should also be aware of road closures just in case it interferes with their daily routes.

“Razorback and Nolan Richardson Drive will have a road closure there and Razorback and Meadow during the graduation ceremonies,” Mills said.

John Thomas with the University of Arkansas says overall the university wants everyone to enjoy their time in town but to be safe while they’re here.

“We look forward to having everyone here and it’s always a happy time especially when the weather starts changing like this and it gets really warm,” Thomas said.