BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA)– A third medical marijuana dispensary is set to open in the Natural State this week.

According to Scott Hardin with the Medical Marijuana Commission, it will open in Clinton.

But, patients in Northwest Arkansas are saying the medical pot can’t come to the area fast enough.

Jon Nelson, a medical marijuana patient said, “I wish it had been here sooner, I really do. But, because it wasn’t, it’s kinda like…what do we do?

Because dispensaries aren’t open near him, Nelson drives from Rogers to Hot Springs to get his medication.
This is to help his epilepsy, along with a myriad of other disorders.
“I also have, well my doctor calls it a mood disorder but it’s just kind of a mix of a bunch of different stuff and I also have a borderline personality disorder, plus anxiety disorder, he said.  
Problems Nelson said only medical marijuana can fix.
He said, “the stuff is actually the only thing I found that keeps me calm.
While patients wait eagerly, dispensary employees said they’re working as fast as they can to set up shop.
Michael Mayes with Acanza Health Group said, “We are diligently working as quickly as possible to ensure that the medicine gets in the hands of patients as soon as possible.
Acanza Health Group in Fayetteville has broken ground and plans on opening in mid-to-late-August.
“We’ve already started to make contact with cultivators in the area to ensure that we have a healthy supply and variety of products,”Mayes said.
In Bentonville, ReLeaf Center prepares to open its doors a little sooner.
The center is in the process of construction and will open next month.
Hardin said the two dispensaries that are open have produced incredibly high numbers. 
“There are other states that have opened up their medical marijuana industry with as many as a dozen dispensaries across the state, and they have not had these sales numbers, he said. “So, to say that Arkansans were ready for this would be an understatement.
He says the state of Arkansas has now sold over 200 pounds of medical marijuana just over a month after the first two dispensaries opened.
Nelson said, “this stuff is very important and it means a lot to these people in the state and in this country.