With summer upon us, sunscreen is a hot topic. While nothing should replace good habits of daily external sunscreen use, Heliocare can be a great weapon in your arsenal of sun protection, 365 days a year.

Heliocare is a single ingredient supplement that protects your skin against UV damage from the inside out. The single ingredient in Heliocare is fernblock, an extract of potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that can prevent free radicals from damaging cells, in this case from UV exposure.

Everyone 4 years old and up can benefit from Heliocare. Taken once daily, it helps protect the skin from UV rays during daily activities such as driving the car. The cumulative effects, when taken daily, also aid in maintaining youthful appearing skin. Taken 30 minutes prior to direct sun exposure and repeated after 4 hours of continuous direct exposure can give the extra UV protection needed while enjoying extended time outdoors.

Heliocare can be beneficial for people who are on medications such as accutane, certain oral antibiotics, and topical retinoids that have side effects of increased sun sensitivity. Also, people that have been treated for certain skin cancers and pre-cancers who are not ready to give up their outdoor lifestyles can gain confidence in UV protection by taking Heliocare.

Don’t forget, most of the damage done to our skin happens over decades. Heliocare is a simple step that can help protect you, your children, and your parents on that next beach trip, hike, tee time, or whatever you have planned this summer (and year round)! Heliocare is available now at our store, The Skin Solution.