NWA is the perfect home for ticks. Entomologist Dr. Kelley Loftin said the parasites are able to survive because of a prime living environment. 

‘Ticks in Arkansas are well adapted to surviving even the harshest Winters. We always have an abundance of ticks.If you’re in the right habitat, you’ll get lots of ticks,” said Loftin. 

Since we didn’t have that harsh Winter and Spring came earlier, the pests are prevalent. 

“We were seeing Lonestar ticks as early as February. So we are earlier occurrence,” said Loftin. “We’re seeing more white tailed deer now in town, in some regions and the white tailed dear is an excellent host for one of our most popular important ticks, in terms of abundance is the Lonestar tick. You’ve got a shady area, for some species or an area with some leaf letters, some brush, some tall grass, that little microhabitat in the leaf litter in there and on the plants is pretty humid and they need humidity to survive.”

The best ways to avoid ticks all start before you step foot out the door. 

 “Clothing repellant, apply those to your shoes, your clothing, that will help tremendously, not only clothing repellant, when you get out of the woods, check for ticks. The more often you check for ticks, the better,” said Lofton.