AUGUSTA, Ga. (KNWA/KFTA) — Tiger Woods carded a career record-breaking score on the famous 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club.

With three golf balls finding the water at Rae’s Creek on 12, Woods shot a 10 on the par-three hole — taking him firmly out of contention for the green jacket.

The seven-over-par score for the hole brought the 15-time major winner to four over par.

The blow-up for the world-renowned golfer was short lived, followed by a birdie on the 13th hole to put Woods’ game back on track.

Woods is the defending champion of the 2019 Masters Tournament, having won five Masters in total over the course of his career.

Tiger played 23,789 holes on the PGA tour before carding his first 10 on Sunday at the 2020 Masters.

NBC Golf Channel’s “Tiger Tracker” breaks down the hole:

Woods’ recovery would salvage his score but not his title, as he went on to finish the 2020 Masters at one stroke under par with a birdie on Augusta National’s 18th hole.