Some children – at a young age – are learning to save their own lives if they were to fall in a pool.

For 15 month old, Juliet, and her mom, 4 P.M. means it’s time for swim lessons.

She can’t talk yet, but when she hits the water her practice kicks in. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, unintentional drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of five. 

The majority of those accidents happen in backyard pools. 

Libby McFarland’s says her swim lessons are different than most in the area. 

Her breakthrough program teaches the safety aspect first and swim skills second. 

“If a child falls into the water and then they roll to their back, we call that a starfish,” Certified Infant Aquatics Instructor for Little Squirts Aquatics Libby McFarland said. “It’s just a fun way of saying get to your back and get to a survival position. That’s why we call it the starfish.” 

A technique McFarland says the children pick up fairly quick. 

“After one week Juliet was diving her head underwater, swimming, and then was flipping herself over,” Emily Terrell said. “The results were so fast.” 

Some days Juliet may not be in the mood but her mom knows life could depend on McFarland’s ten minutes lessons.

According to the CDC most of the accidental drownings took place in the summer, but McFarland encourages children to keep up their skills during the off months because an accident can happen at any time. 

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