Tom Cotton weighs in on tough issues


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA) — Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) sat down on Face the Nation to discuss his thoughts on coronavirus, impeachment, and Iran.

On the coronavirus:

“…given China’s record of dishonesty and incompetence when it comes to dealing with these public health emergencies like the SARS outbreak in 2003, I think this is a case where an ounce of prevention truly does equal a pound of cure. We know from the outset earlier this month that local Chinese authorities in Wuhan and in Hubei province, were not as forthcoming, not as quick as they could be. As we heard in the report, Xi Jinping said they’re going to try to centralize the response to this. Hopefully they’ll be more transparent. Obviously, though, things are very fast breaking, even as the president said what he did just a couple of days ago.”

On impeachment:

“…I’m not going to vote to approve witnesses because the House Democrats have had lots of witnesses. We heard from them over and over and over again this week. We don’t need to prolong what has already taken five months of the American people’s time. The House Democrats have not proven their case against Donald Trump. We don’t need to prolong this matter.”

Finally, the Senator says this about the military’s potential in a possible Iran conflict:

“The military does a lot better job than it did 15, 20 years ago on brain injuries. When I was in Iraq, if your truck got blown up, you went and got your eyes checked out and were probably sent on your way. They do a much better job today than they did then, but there’s also a huge spectrum [of traumatic brain injuries]…[the President] is not dismissing their injuries, he’s just describing their injuries….If all these injuries are not serious, if they are on the less side of the scale than the severe traumatic side of the scale, than the President is just describing what happened to them. He’s not dismissing them.”

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