UPDATE: Sherland was released on bond late Saturday night and has a hearing on Monday morning, according to the Washington County Jail’s website.

Zethen Sherland the son of Jeremy Sherland, recorded his father being arrested for piercing his ears.

“I got my ears pierced nearly a year ago and I wanted it and thought it would be cool,” Zethen said.

Tontitown police say they were contacted by a Springdale School Resource Officer that reported to them that Zethen was overheard telling his classmates about the piercing.

Tontitown police stated in their release that “the juvenile male stated his dad was drunk and put him in a choke hold and shoved the piercing in his ear,” Zethen says all of that is untrue.

“Nah, I asked for it and so we just took ice and a potato and did it that way,” Zethen said.

Zethen says he understands his father is facing four charges which, include: endangering the welfare of a minor, refusal to submit to arrest, and obstructing governmental operations, but Zethen says none of those charges reflect the kind of father Jermey is.

“My dad’s a funny guy in my opinion, very funny, and he’s a goofball,” Zethen said.

TONTITOWN, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Tontitown Police Department has responded to a viral video posted on social media of a man being forcefully arrested at his home in Tontitown.

According to a police statement, Tontitown police were contacted by a resource officer with Springdale Public Schools with a welfare concern and said a juvenile male went to school with a piercing in his left ear.

Police say they went to the home of Jeremy Sherland, the father of the teen. 

It was there police said Sherland admitted to piercing his son’s ear. They say when they tried to speak to his son, Sherland refused and officers left his home.

Officers returned to Sherland’s home later after getting a probable cause arrest and when officers asked Sherland to step outside, he refused and stood in the doorway.

According to the video, Sherland was pushed back into the house, where then multiple officers held him against the wall and he was then arrested. The video finishes by showing Sherland being placed into the back of a police car.

The release states Sherland violated the Arkansas law of “performing body art on a person under 16 years of age, regardless of parental consent” which is a Class D felony.

Sherland is also charged with “Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Refusal to Submit to Arrest, and Obstructing Governmental Operations”.

Tontitown Police’s full response

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