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A woman from Western Australia was on vacation when she decided to hand feed a group of sharks while boating but got the experience took a terrible turn. The woman was standing on the back of a boat hand feeding fish to a group of Tawny Nurse Sharks, a normally placid species but with powerful jaws and multiple rows of shark teeth when she was bitten and pulled into the water! Despite the excruciating pain, the woman’s finger wasn’t bitten off and the 34-year old had to be told, it was still attached. Her message is don’t feed the sharks, it’s safer and less painful to admire them from inside a boat. 

A stunning first-of-its-kind photo of the birth of a new planet has surfaced. Researchers suggest the celestial object is two to three times larger than Jupiter and is much hotter than any planet in our Solar System. A planet-hunting instrument located the object. This giant gas planet has the highest temperature record on any planet of our Solar System at 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lebron James is taking his talents west, after inking a $154 million dollar deal with the LA Lakers and his hometown is handling the departure with kind words. Public relations agency Dix and Eaton penned this letter from the city of Cleveland addressed to James. The letter thanks the MVP for his four years as a Cavalier, saying quote, “We send you off with gratitude and in awe.” Under James’ leadership on the court, the Cavs made four NBA finals in a row, winning the championship in 2016.

Ben Stiller’s latest role will have the actor advocating on behalf of refugees as The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees named Stiller a Goodwill Ambassador. Stiller is best known for his roles in comedy films like “Meet the Parents” and “Zoolander” but he has been a serious supporter of the agency since 2016. Stiller tweeted about the position on Monday, July 2, writing, “I’m not exactly sure what my credentials are as a goodwill ambassador or who approved it but somehow I got through.”

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