SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – A trending TikTok challenge could result in criminal charges.

The challenge is called “devious lick” and encourages students to take part in different pranks every month at their schools. According to a local police department, some of those pranks range from misdemeanors to felony offenses, and schools right here in our region are seeing it firsthand.

“Maybe some parents don’t realize they’re watching this and think it’s a funny joke,” said Nachille Parker.

Parker’s son, Isaac is in the Fort Smith School District. He has experienced his fellow classmates joining in on the pranks.

“I’ve seen kids try to steal the toilet paper from bathrooms, I’ve seen them spray all over the toilets, I’ve seen them try to kick down the doors and I mostly see them destroy the soaps,” he said.

Isaac said when he witnesses other students knocking down doors, he hid.

“I was scared and I just didn’t wanna be included, and I’m afraid someone’s going to be like, ‘He’s gonna snitch’ and they’re gonna try to beat me up or something.”

September was “mess up a toilet or vandalize a restroom” month. This is something Siloam Springs Assistant Superintendent Shane Patrick said his schools are seeing firsthand.

The thing that scares me is I think kids don’t always understand the consequences that go with some of their actions. To them, something that may be a joke is not necessarily a joke when it comes to affect other people or organizations.”


Now, we are in a new month that comes with a new challenge.

“If you look at some of the challenges that are laid out in the coming months, some of those are destruction of property, assault to even battery in some cases,” Patrick said.

Patrick said it is all going to start with parents to make sure this trend does not continue with the escalating pranks.

“Make sure and have a conversation with your children that things may seem like they’re fun on social media, but in the reality they could cost districts a lot of money and they could get their kids in a lot of trouble,” Patrick said.

The TikTok communications team has tweeted that the app is now taking down any content related to this challenge for violating community guidelines, hoping to discourage this kind of behavior.