BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/FOX24) — In 2019, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society conducted a study that found the number of Americans diagnosed with MS is two times the number previously reported in 1975, with about a million Americans living with the disease.

It also found the risk of developing the disease is about 1 in 333 and MS is three times more common in women than men.

MS is one of the most common causes of neurological disability among young adults in North America and there are still so many questions about the disease, its impact, and finding a cure.

The Rampy MS Research Foundation is doing what it can to find solutions through its annual Trifest for MS Triathlon.

Brittney Skelton competed in this year’s Trifest.

“What we are doing out here today is bigger than just the race course and finishing a race,” Skelton said.

She successfully met her goal of competing and finishing three triathlon races and she did it in two days.

Erin Paslay also competed in Trifest. For her, the event was personal. She ran for her mom who died from complications of MS.

“She had a very aggressive kind and progressed really quickly, [She] ended up being in a wheelchair and on a feeding tube and it was really horrible,” Paslay said.

Paslay also ran for herself. She was diagnosed with MS seven years ago.

“I am really grateful to be seven years in the disease and still get to participate in this,” Paslay said.

She credits her ability to race to research that led to breakthroughs like medicine.

Both Paslay and Skelton were joined by family and friends along their journey – all running for each other and all running for a cure.

Skelton says in a few months they will run a relay with one of the checks from the Bentonville Square to UAMS. The finish line will be in the hands of the research doctor who will be collecting the money.