It has now been 99-days since a mother and her 18-month-old toddler went missing in Siloam Springs.

As of Sunday night, two bodies have been found.

Back in November and December, law enforcement from multiple agencies, including the FBI, searched a wooded area near Lookout Tower Road.

35-year-old Carol Davidson and her daughter, Rosemarry were last seen in the area on Saturday, November 12th.

In the past 24-hours, two bodies have been found near that same location.

The first was found on Saturday afternoon, and then on Sunday at 2 pm the Benton County Sheriff’s office confirmed that a second body had been found.

The Benton County Sheriff’s office would not comment on the gender and they would not confirm whether they were adult-sized bodies. 

At this point, the identities of the bodies is still unclear.

Police are not connecting the discovery to Carol and Rosemarry Davidson.

“At this point we are not giving any information or have any information to share,” said Sergeant Shannon Jenkins with the Benton County Sheriff’s office. “This is the area of Carol Davidson and that is bringing a lot of attention to this body that has been found, but at this point there is no identity to the body. So as far as pinning the body on her, there is no information.”

Police say they’ve concluded their investigation of the area, but they will rejoin together once the autopsies have been complete and the identities have been revealed.

According to Benton County Sheriff, the autopsy will take place on Tuesday.


When it comes to missing persons’ cases, Carol and Rosemarry Davidson are at the top of the list.

The mom and toddler were last seen at the Green Tree RV Park which sits along us 412 on November 12.

Three days later, a hunter found Davidson’s 1999 Dodge Caravan along Lookout Tower Road.

Six days after the pair went missing, police questioned Rosemarry’s father, Michael Reed.

The next day — November 19 — police conducted vehicle checkpoints to generate and obtain additional information.

Nearly a month later, a prayer vigil was held at Arvest Ballpark in Springdale.

Saturday, February 18, a body was found near Lookout Tower Rd.

Sunday, February 19, a second body was located by authorities in the same vicinity.