Blind Hope Cat Sanctuary Director Leticia Stivers says, “They really love hearing their name called and they’ll come to you. They hear absolutely everything.”

When Brie and Gouda were born they were missing something. Stivers says, “Right now they can see. Now Brie has one eye – one good eye, and she has one that wasn’t fully developed, so she actually has no sight in that eye, so between them we have three good eyes.”

In addition to brie’s bad eye, both kittens were born without eyelids so Springdale’s Animal Services reached out for some special help. Although Leticia Stivers sees a lot of seeing-impaired cats at blind hope cat sanctuary, she says these are her first without eyelids. It’s a condition not taken lightly.

Stivers says, “Daily eye-drops in their eyes probably three, four, five times a day and if they don’t get it then they can develop the eye ulcers and develop infections and they could actually go blind.”

Together with the Animal Shelter, Stivers is trying to raise the funds for surgery for the kittens. Stivers says, “Take tissue from the inside of their lip or their cheek to form an eyelid, and so it’s a surgery that’s been done. This particular vet in Oklahoma City has done it numerous times and very successfully.”

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The kittens’ surgery is set for October 11th in Oklahoma City.