FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — According to a preliminary report, Fayetteville police officers arrested two men after an early morning shooting on Dickson Street on April 10 left one person injured.

At approximately 2:14 a.m., officers responded to a report of a shooting in the Walton Arts Center parking lot and found one person inside a vehicle with an apparent gunshot wound to his chest. Witnesses identified two men that allegedly shot the victim.

Officers located Edwin Lavan Swan, 28 of Fayetteville, and Montavius Marquise Knighten, 24, of Springdale near the scene with firearms “on their person,” and officers detained them. The victim’s wound was superficial and he was treated at a hospital and released.

The victim told officers he “had been with a group of friends inside a bar” at 330 W. Dickson Street and that there had been “a physical fight” between one of his friends and another man. The victim said that he and his friends left and walked back to his vehicle in the Walton Arts Center parking lot, where two males approached him near his vehicle.

He said one of the men, whom he described as having short dreadlocks and a green jacket, had a gun in hand as he approached them. The victim said that “based on the demeanor” and the “visible firearm,” he believed that the man intended to shoot him.

The victim then pulled out his own gun and pulled the trigger but it “malfunctioned and did not fire.” The approaching men then began to shoot at him and his friends, so he hid inside his vehicle. He told officers he was shot while in the vehicle and attempting to leave.

He also reported that he saw the man his friend had gotten into a fight with at the bar just behind the men who shot him, making him believe that the shooting was related to the earlier fight. He estimated that 15 bullets were fired at him and his friends.

After being read his Miranda rights, Knighten was interviewed at the police department and admitted to shooting the victim. He said he followed Swan as they ran toward the victim, but did not know where they were heading. Knighten said he saw the victim aim a gun at them, so he pulled out his and returned fire.

Swan said he was running through the Walton Arts Center parking lot toward the victim with a group, but he “veered away” and ran toward his own vehicle, where he thought his girlfriend had been. He said he pulled a gun out of his waistband as he ran, kept it in his hand for a few steps, then transferred the weapon to his pants pocket. He told investigators he was not involved in the dispute in the bar.

When shots were fired, Swan said he got on the ground. His physical appearance was “very similar” to the description of the suspect that allegedly walked toward the victim with a gun in hand, according to the report.

Knighten’s gun magazine was found empty. The firearm has an 18 shot capacity if one bullet is loaded in the chamber. Investigators also retrieved shell casings and bullet fragments. The magazine in Swan’s gun was found full, which officers said “supported his statement he had not fired his gun.”

Swan was arrested for aggravated assault. After being taken to the Washington County Detention Center, one-half of an Oxycodone pill was found on him and a possession of a scheduled II controlled substance charge was added.

Knighten was arrested for battery in the first degree and a terroristic act.