FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — From students moving into dorms to construction, there are lots of backups at the University of Arkansas.

Garland Avenue is just one of many roads in the area with ongoing construction.

“I would say we’re pretty far north of most of the construction. You know, Garland hasn’t had too much construction in the last couple of years. So we stay pretty clear of any issues from construction,” said Shawn Curtis, director of operations at Bolder Coffee.

Curtis says the business hasn’t had any issues with the construction. Instead, he says this is the start of the busiest times of the year.

“But any alumni weekend, any parents weekend, whenever the students move in, anything that has a lot of people come to the university, we definitely feel the effects in a positive way,” said Curtis.

Ellie Lamboureux and Sadie Hilton are incoming freshmen at the university. They say they did not feel the construction was an issue.

“I feel like we’ve been pretty unaware of it since we’ve been shuttled around. But there’s always construction going on,” said Lamboureux and Hilton.

Instead, they felt traffic was a big issue.

“Before some stoplights. It’s a really long line, but I feel like I’ve still been able to get through pretty fast and it’s been okay,” said Lamboureux and Hilton.

They also say trying to find a close spot was an issue as well.

“We got to unload our stuff, and we have parking passes that we can easily use, but we can’t use them right now because of people moving in and stuff. So we have to unload all of our stuff and then move our cars really far away. And then shuttle back to our dorm and parking has been crazy,” said Lamboureux and Hilton.

In a statement, UA Associate Vice Chancellor for facilities, Scott Turley, encourages families to “be aware of their surroundings, slow down and to exercise caution as they move about campus,” stated Turley.