All the men on the Arkansas basketball team stood for the national anthem. This is after Thursday night, 6 women basketball players took a knee during the song. 
      KNWA spoke with fans as they walked into Friday night’s game, and they said if the team would have knelt they would have left the game. 
      However, not only did the men’s basketball players stand for the entire national anthem they stood even after it was complete after the crowd cheered. 
        Some fans that spoke to KNWA had mixed opinions on the 6 women. One woman, Wendi Williams, said she is proud the women choose to kneel for what they believe in. But she thinks the negative backlash could affect future U of A students. “Why would they want to come to a place that supposedly says that we’re family but then you don’t respect what I stand for.” Williams explained. 
      Another man, Sean Ryan, had another outlook. Ryan is a 22 year veteran, and he shared the opinion of majority of people on KNWA’s Facebook page. “There are a number of things they could have done in volunteering or working within the community. That would actually have an impact on societal ills. Kneeling down and disrespecting their nations flag and their nation doesn’t really do anything,” Ryan said.
Local groups are already coming together to support the women’s basketball team. A GoFundme is up to raise money to get people to go to the November 13th game. U of A Fans React to Women’s Basketball Players Kneeling