UPDATE: Husband & Wife Arrested in Connection to Medicap Pharmacy Robbery

FAYETTEVILLE — Hendrick and Melanie Hornsveld have been arrested on aggravated robbery and aggravated assault charges for their involvement in Saturday’s robbery at Medicap Pharmacy on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

According to a police report, Hendrick Hornsveld and a juvenille entered the pharmacy, where Hornsveld asked the owner if he could use the restroom. When he exited the restroom, Hornsveld hit the owner in the head with a crowbar, knocking him down. The owner sustained a severe head laceration. The pair made the owner open the store’s safe and give them various narcotic medications. The store owner then retrieved a personal firearm and shot at the suspects. The pair was able to escape the store and drove away in a black Lincoln LS car. The store owner was later taken to the hospital.

On Sunday, police found the car at an apartment complex at 741 S. Morningside. Hendrick Hornsveld, the juvenille suspect, and Hornsveld’s wife, Melanie were inside an apartment. The resident of the apartment, who says she knows Melanie from church, told police that Melanie, Hendrick and the juvenille walked into her apartment on Saturday, asking her for help. The resident told police that they were injured and bloody, and that she was told to clean their clothes with bleach. She also went to the store with Melanie Hornsveld to get food and medication for Hendrick and the juvenille.

Hendrick and the juvenille were taken to Washington Regional for treatment, and Melanie was taken to the Fayetteville Police Department. According to a police report, Melanie told police she and Hendrick are addicted to various narcotics, and Hendrick had told her that he was going to rob a pharmacy to get medication. She told police she was in the backseat of the car during the robbery. She also said she had taken some of the medication stolen from Medicap. 

Hendrick Hornsveld faces charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, engaging in a continual criminal gang and false imprisonment.
Melanie Hornsveld faces the same charges plus a charge of endangering the welfare of a minor.

Previous report (2/8/15)

FAYETTEVILLE–Two men robbed a pharmacy on Martin Luther King boulevard Saturday afternoon. Today two suspects were taken into police custody

“We received a tip that the suspects involved in yesterday’s armed robbery of the Medicap Pharmacy, were located here.” Said Sargent Stout with Fayetteville Police

Police say the men entered Medicap Pharmacy on Martin Luther King Boulevard around 3:30 Saturday afternoon.

Today we’re learning the pharmacy owner fired eight rounds at his attackers, but they escaped in a dark green Lincoln LS, and fled to a apartment complex on South Morning side. Following a tip Sunday, officers surrounded the area.

“Officers got here, started setting up a perimeter, we started giving instructions over the loud speaker, having people come out.”

The suspects emerged and were taken without incident, Sergeant Stout with Fayetteville Police says it’s an ideal end to a bad situation.

“It’s always good whenever we have a very dangerous situation like we had yesterday, we’re very pleased when we are able to take them into custody in less than 24 hours.”

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