US Syria Missile Attack Could Make an Economic Impact in AR

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- - The U.S. Missile attack in Syria could directly affect the price of gas. That's due to further destabilization in the Middle East. Gas Buddy experts say oil prices started trading sharply following the missile strike. 
President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian air base after an apparent chemical attack by Syria's president earlier this week. 
Mervin Jebaraj with the University of Arkansas' Business and Economic Research said, "The general fear is if there is a large military presence, and military action it would affect the shipping and movement of oil from some of those oil producing nations in that region." 
That translates to higher gas prices. While the United States next move is unknown, Jebaraj said our level of involvement in Syria could impact the way the economy responds as a whole. "If this is a sustained military action, and if it does continue to disrupt the transportation of oil, then yes it does get a little more difficult for them to get oil out to the market," Jebaraj explained. 
Many people operate on a monthly budget. Putting more money in your gas tank means fewer dollars spent at local businesses. Which means fewer dollars going in to our local economy. 
"You do need to put gas in your car because that is one of your expenses. We do not have a lot of public transportation here in Arkansas. So, if you're going to have to spend more on means you'll spend less on eating food outside, shopping.. purchasing goods and services<' said Jebaraj. 
The good news is right now gas is still sitting around $55 a barrel, compared to $100 a barrel a few years ago. 

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