The U.S. Department of Agriculture has filed a citation against Wild Wilderness, the company that runs Gentry’s Safari Zoo. One of the allegations against the zoo is a lack of veterinary care to the animals. The zoo’s owner says they’ve changed the schedule for vets to visit. 

“There is a vet here at least two times a week and a lot of times, every day,” said Leon Wilmoth who is one of the owners of Gentry’s Safari Zoo. 

Another violation from the USDA says safety of the animals and visitors is at risk because fencing wasn’t up to standard. 

“We’ve upped our barriers so that protects the animals and the people. We are in the process of building several new barns,” said Wilmoth. 

After complaints that some animals were getting frostbite because they were left out in the cold, Gentry safari zoo owners added onto the facility and included heated floors to keep the temperature warm. 

“Everything comes to the barn. No animal, hippo, rhino, any primate will ever be below 45 degrees,” said Wilmoth. 

The changes are too little, too late for animal rights groups. 

“Frankly, I think the time to look to the facility to make corrections is long past. We’re talking about more than 20 years of problems at the facility. Enough is enough and the danger and the degree of suffering is too great,” said Cathy Liss who is the president of the Animal Welfare Institute. “I can ask for a lot, and repeatedly over time USDA has asked them to do various things and repeatedly they have filed to do it.”