FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – It’s that time of year again at the post office where everybody is rushing to get their loved ones their Christmas present in time.  

“We have prepared a lot better; last year was something that we had never experienced before,” says Becky Hernandez, with the United States Postal Service. 

She says last Christmas season was one of the busiest they’ve ever seen. But, this year they’ll be ready. 

“We’ve also hired an additional 40,000 seasonal employees to help us,” says Hernadez.

Hernandez says we can also attribute what was longer than normal shipping times in 2020 to the people shopping online rather than in person. 

“Last year, we processed 1.1 billion packages; this year, it’s looking like will only process 800 million or 900 million packages,” says Hernadez. 

But the struggles of 2020 taught them a thing or two; the largest being USPS needed a more efficient way of managing influx. 

“We have added 112 package sorter, they process package about 12 times faster than manual sorting. Last year we mostly had manual sorting,” says Hernadez. 

Three of which are actually here in Arkansas, and customers of the post office say they resulted in noticeably shorter shipping times. 

USPS says while its efficiency has improved, there are still deadlines if you’re looking to get a package from A to B by Christmas. 

The first is December 15th for retail ground service.