VBPD: One Juvenile Arrested Following Dog Stabbing


WARNING: The following photo, link and description may be disturbing to some. 

A juvenile was arrested for stabbing a dog over the weekend.

Sgt. Jonathan Wear with the Van Buren Police Department confirms that one juvenile was arrested after stabbing a dog through a fence.

According to a Facebook post from Jessica Wallace, she let her dog, Lolo, outside to use the bathroom. Upon returning, she discovered two boys reaching through the fence and stabbing Lolo in the muzzle. 

“There was blood on the walls, blood all over the floor, every time she moved her head blood was just spraying everywhere,” Wallace said.

Wallace says Lolo is recovering after being rushed to the emergency animal clinic. Photos of the incident show a large gash in her dogs muzzle where the dog was stabbed with a knife.

Now, several stiches cover the wounds.

“They just bolted off in the direction of the school,” Wallace said.

Wallace says she believes those responsible live close by and is hoping they will realize the impact of their actions.

“For any human to do this, it’s very important for people to know that they need help, definitely. I don’t want to be angry at them for what they’ve done, and I would forgive them. Most importantly, I hope they are sorry.”

Sebastian County Sheriff Hobe Runion says cruelty to animals is a frequent crime, and it’s important that people hear about it.

“I think the more aware people are the better off we are, there more educated we are,” Runion said.

For wallace, she says she will let justice do it’s part.

“Animals feel pain just the same as humans do, and I hope that they also pass laws that are more strict on animal cruelty. I hope this can be an example that again, there is hope and people care. People care a lot. She’s not just a dog, she’s a family member, she’s a kid,” Wallace said.

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